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You are GOD.

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:2014.11.24:  "Launch Trailer" published.
:2014.11.22:  GODS on "Indie DB"
:2014.05.30:  "GODS" English Site published.

GODS -Real-Time Action Strategy-

Latest Concept Art

What's "GODS"?

"GODS" is PC game under development. It is based on famous RTS game, like AoE series.
Eliminating enemy tribes is winning. We thought if it can be more instinctive and dynamic, we can enjoy it much more. So, this game is a hybrid RTS/Action game. There are strong god of war each tribes in this game. They are huge and powerful. Sometimes you can use them directly, other time can use like as other units in RTS mode. You can switch this anytime. On directly mode, you can control god with TPS mode and can perform move, defense, and attack.You can use "God power" spending your resources. Collecting resources is easy in this game. Just expand the territory,and build your Empire. The field map is sorted by hexagon, and the hexagon is sorted by six triangles. You can build building every triangles.
We are developing "GODS" using Unity engine. This engine enables speedy development. We are looking forward to the day when we can offer "GODS" to you from the far east island.

Key Features

  • Original tribes and strong Gods.
  • Gods are very strong and huge. They can use skills "GOD Power" using the resource "Piety". We are going to develop 10 tribes and gods.

  • "GOD Mode"
  • You can handle God intuitively like Action game. You can perform move, defense, attack, and using "GOD Power" smoothly in God Mode.

  • Simplification of collecting resources.
  • Just expand your territory, and build your Empire by hexagon. You can build various buildings. There are two resources, "Food" and "Piety" only.

  • "GOD killer"
  • Tribal residents can develop "God killer". It is very effective for enemy gods.

  • It is victory to destroy enemy "GOD Throne".
  • This game starts in the state that there is only "GOD Throne". Gods revive again and again until "GOD Throne" is destroyed.

Planned Tribes



Team "Quwad."


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