Trample Everything.


Tribal Siege Demo released on Game jolt!

This game has been "Greenlit" on steam. Thank you for your support!

What's "Tribal Siege"?

"Tribal Siege" is PC game under development. It is based on famous RTS game, like AoE series.
Eliminating enemy tribes is winning. This game is a hybrid RTS/Action game. There are strong creatures each tribes. They are huge and powerful. It's enough to be able to smash enemy minions just walking. They are called "Trampler". Expand your territory, Build buildings, Gather resources, Create Minions and Beat enemy tribes down.
We are developing "Tribal Siege" using Unity engine. This engine enables speedy development cross platforming easily. We are looking forward to the day when we can offer "Tribal Siege" to you from the far east island.

Key Features

  • Wide variety of tribes and huge creatures.
  • All units of this game are full original. They have strong personalities. Tactics will be completely different for each tribes. Trampler too.

  • Switch RTS/Action Modes
  • This game is primarily a strategy game, but you can take control of "Trampler" and direct them with the keyboard and mouse for additional depth of control.

  • Simplification of gathering resources and expanding terriotory.
  • Gathering system is very simple. Just build buildings. There are two resources, "Food" and "Piety" only. Creating minions almost costs Food. Moving Trampler and using skills cost Piety.

  • "Three-cornered battle"
  • You can create "Disintegrator" at factory. They can range attack. They are very effective for enemy Trampler. "Trampler" beat "Minions". "Minions" beat "Disintegrators". "Disintegrators" beat "Trampler".

  • Destroy enemy "Tribal Base"
  • This game starts in the state that there are "Tribal Base" each tribes. The winning team is defined as the team that destroys enemy "Tribal Base" first.


Dobu Tribe
-Offense is the best defense.-

DobuStatus.png(972792 byte)

  • Trampler
  • Trampler of this tribe can only melee attack with huge cross, however very tough and his attack damage is deadly. Trampler can revive dead bodies as minions even if they were enemy minions. And his ability "Fist of Death" causes explosion and dealing damage in wide area.

  • Minions
  • Cheap and be trained first. Minions of this tribe will be stronger if they are revived. Good at swift attacking.

  • Intelligence
  • Their buildings are crudity. They don't know how to use irons.

Shamo Tribe
-Rush and expand, and Rush.-

ShamoStatus.png(951151 byte)

  • Trampler
  • Trampler of this tribe can move quickly. He is good at rapid-attacking. His Ability "Dash" is very powerful and strikes rapidly. However, not tough. He is good at beating enemy trampler.

  • Minions
  • Minions are almost defensive. Cavalry unit of this tribe is "Bull chariot". They move rapidly and shots large stone bullet. Strong unit.

  • Intelligence
  • The architecture of this tribe is good. Their buildings are tough and small. Good at gathring foods.

(Planned tribe)
Gusok Tribe
-Build and Build. After that, defend the line.-

GusokStatus.png(389394 byte)

  • Speciality
  • Their buildings generate poison clouds. They causes damage to enemies.

  • Trampler
  • Trampler can spout poisons in wide area. Enemy minions deals deadly damage. Not tough, not quick. Peaky unit.

  • Minions
  • Cavalry unit of this tribe ride on spiders and warrior can use muskets. Strong range unit.

  • Intelligence
  • This tribe has the technology of gun powders. And they build buildings on trees.




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